Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A few words I couldn't contain

"I know the heart of life is good." John Mayer I'm overwhelmed, filled with joy, love, hope... allow me to try to explain.

Yesterday, I had to say goodbye to 3 phenomenal people: Soon, Amy, and Amanda. I may never see these 3 women ever again. But if I ever doubted divine providence, I will NEVER again. These women were placed in my life for a reason. To show me love, patience, kindness, diversity, protection, and a million other things. Where would I be in Kolkata without volunteers like these women?

I have been pretty sick the last few days (feeling exponentially better now) and have had a rash that I got from the kids at Daya Dan. When I talked to the sisters at Mother House, they pointed me to Sister Michael (a doctor) who gave me 6 days of antibiotics for the rash and advised me to take a day off of work. The medication was free of cost. Ever since then, whenever I see a sister or any of the volunteers that I know, they ask how I am feeling. Such concern. Such love. That can only come from God. These people were all brought here to help the poor and the sick, and in the meantime, they really have helped me too. So much love has been shown to me. How can the world really be a bad place with all these good people in it? It can't.

And then, I was depressed.
How can I leave this? How can I go away from such love, such kind hearts? I don't want to leave!
But then, today. Hannah and I received a package from two members of Calcutta Club at our school. They had gone out and bought us loads of good candy, a little picture book of Seattle, and a little pack of toilet seat covers. And they wrote us a note saying they were thinking of us and loving on us. All the way from the states.
And I realized: I'm not leaving this at all. The second I walk out of these people's arms, I walk right into the arms waiting for me at home. This love... it exists everywhere. Not just Kolkata and not just among volunteers. It's everywhere!

How much hope this gives me! I know the heart of life is good.

Love from India (and everywhere),


  1. yay! what fantastic reflections. i'm so glad you've been having a good time :-) i was thinking about choir today and the community/love there. i'm excited for school to start when it does! sending my love to you.

  2. We're so going to party it up Kolkata style once you get back. Just you wait.