Saturday, July 25, 2009

It has creeped up on me!

I'm so sorry it's been so long! This last week has been HECTIC to say the least. Now that Hannah and I have gotten our bearings in Kolkata, we have been exploring much more and actually being successful at finding the places we set out to find.... which is encouraging! But also EXHAUSTING. The weather and such has been getting to me a little, I think, because I have a little bit of a fever and lymph nodes the size of tennis balls. (ok, maybe a little bit of an over-exaggeration) But yeah, not feeling top notch. I am trying to rest up a little, but we've been SO busy because... get this... we have 9 more days in Kolkata. NINE. What?? How did that happen? Where did the time go? I have 8 more days with my Daya Dan babies. Wow.

On one hand, Hannah, Molly, and I are so excited to start traveling and when we were sitting in the booking office today, getting our tickets to Varanasi, we were practically bouncing up and down. Buuuut, on the other hand, we have grown SO attached to the kids, sisters, mashis, and volunteers here that I cannot even imagine leaving for good. We are definitely going to be a crying mess next Monday. I have even gotten really attached to Kolkata and the people that I come in contact with everyday. Like the guys at the internet cafe and Blue Sky Cafe and this little shop, Varanasi, and the guys at the Spanish Cafe. So it's going to be hard.

I wanted to share with you all something really special that I got to be a part of and watch. Every month, the sisters put on a Volunteer's Day for us on the fourth Thursday of the month. Hannah and I went to the June one and it was small and nice. They fed us and we watched a movie on Mother Teresa and they had mass. However, in the month of July, they do a much bigger Volunteer's Day, because there are SO many volunteers in the summer months. What a production it was! There was 5 groups (well 6, because they had to split the Spanish-speaking group into two because it was so huge!), each speaking a different language, and one international group for anyone who wanted to participate. The groups were supposed to come up with a 20 minute presentation that fits with the theme of "Glorify God with your body" and that shows the culture of each group. Most groups did skits which were touching, hilarious, fabulous, and so much more! It was so cool because many of the groups did songs that are popular in their culture and in that language, but the skits were in English, so we got a little taste of the culture but could still understand. The French group did pantomime, so no talking, all acting. It was so great! The Spanish group did the funniest skit, playing off of all the inside jokes of volunteers, but ending with the message and some great Bible passages (read in English AND in Spanish).

What I really wanted to tell you about was the international group. Their skit was put on by a man, Pepe, who is a director in Spain. So it was sooo well done (with a set and everything) and it made me cry! They did a skit where the end point was that God is in each of us and when they go to see God in His "office" it is just a mirror and they see themselves. And then, in walks this boy from Daya Dan's first floor and he stands in front of the mirror and I just LOSE it. That was EXACTLY how I was feeling about those babies at Daya Dan. That is what I was trying to get across to you last post, when I talked about the kids and how when I look in their eyes, I see that they know that God is inside them and that it is so beautiful. So, I'm all teary-eyed and embarrassed. But what a beautiful skit and message. And what a blessing to be here in the time of year that they do this and that I got to experience it.

Because the boy from Daya Dan was there, they brought many of the children with him and they watched the whole performance. So, my Pompa and Puja were in the front row and they got SO excited when they saw Hannah and me. It made the night so much more special. Ah I love those kids! Nisha, Leema, Mithali, and Helena were there too and I was just so happy to see them all on the day that I normally don't get to! Overall, such a special night.

Ok, so about the pictures. I don't think it's going to be possible to do it here, in India. I do not have the time in the internet cafe to wait for as long as it takes to upload even just one picture and so I believe I will wait until I get home, on August 31st. I am REALLY sorry because I know you want to see all this amazingness that I am experiencing, but it's only 5 weeks and I PROMISE to put them up asap when I get home.

Hannah and I have been running around Kolkata, doing last minute sightseeing and shopping and just getting ready to go. We are ready to be out of the big city but we will definitely be missing Kolkata. We got our flight changed to out of Mumbai because it is much closer to where we are ending our trip (in Goa) and will save us a 37 hour train ride back to Kolkata just to fly to Bangkok. So next Monday, we are REALLY leaving Kolkata. Like really. But I think both Hannah and I know, we'll be back. Oh yes, we'll be back.

Love from the City of Joy,

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  1. Cry it out girl. I'm glad you've had such an emotional experience and I hope you really treasure your last few days there!