Sunday, June 21, 2009

Next Stop: Humid City! aka Kolkata

Greetings from a whole new country... India!

We arrived in the Kolkata airport very early this morning. The very first thing we noticed upon stepping outside the air conditioned airport, was the heat and the humidity. Even at 6 in the morning, it was hard to breathe. We took a prepaid taxi to Sudder Street, where many of the volunteers of the Mother House stay and where there are many restaurants and stores and... people. Well people are really everywhere. Literally. Everywhere. Hannah and I faced some serious culture shock today and we are still sort of recovering. We have a place to stay and so much information about the city that we are generally in really good shape, thanks to Calcutta Club. However, the poverty and the weather is much more than we were expecting and it's definitely been a difficult transition. However, Kolkata has a fascinating culture and we have really been enjoying observing it and, once we get a little acclimated to the weather, I'm sure that will be able to do much more than we were able to today. Wow, I really want to write more but I am falling asleep at the desk! Tomorrow we head to the Mother House for orientation and on Tuesday we begin to volunteer! Hannah and I are excited about this because it will give a little sense of purpose and a little more reason to be here. More updates soon!


  1. You should post pictures on here

  2. Wow, amazing adventures are ahead of you! You are in my prayers for ease of acclaimation and overwhelming sense of purpose! Love you Al-my-pal!!!

  3. if i can figure out how to post pictures, i definitely will!! miss you guys!