Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thai Thai Thailand!

Hello from the crowded and stifling city of Bangkok! Afer 34 hours of travel, we finally made it at 12 a.m. in the morning. We spent the night in the airport and took a bus into the city the first thing in the morning (yay for 5 a.m. bus rides!) We spent our first 20 minutes getting thoroughly lost and then finally finding the hostel that we had found in our travel guide. It's not too bad and doesn't have squat toilets, so we get to spend one more night and two more days actually sitting on the toilet. Wow! So lucky! Haha :)

The city is really hot and humid, but very green and random and beautiful. It's crowded with people but they are all SO nice and point us in the right direction without us even having to ask (so obviously tourists, haha). We are going to dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday, since we will be en route to Calcutta on the night of my actual day of birth. I'm excited to celebrate in a different country, though really sad to not get to be with all of you. Ok, my time's almost up at the internet cafe, so I should wrap up! More updates soon!

<3 Allison

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